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    Amanita Muscaria or red fly agaric. Beneficial features

    16 July 2022 г.

    Amanita Muscaria is a remarkable mushroom that is difficult to confuse with any other. It is distinguished by its characteristic red color and white dots on the cap. Grows almost everywhere. The exception is a cold climate with a minimum amount of light. It can be found in New Zealand, Australia, in the temperate climate of the Northern Hemisphere. In Russia, Amanita Muscaria grows almost everywhere and bears fruit from June to November.


    Amanita Muscaria has always been considered a poisonous and inedible mushroom. However, not everything is so clear-cut here. Cases of eating a red mushroom were also found in ancient times. Let's start with the fact that earlier before the battle, the Vikings ate them. It was believed that in this way they become stronger and more invulnerable. Further, they talked about eating Amanita Muscaria in Rus'. For example, peasants from the Tambov province dabbled in Amanita Muscaria. Eating red mushrooms, they gained courage and could easily beat the master, avenging all his misadventures.

    But while there are disputes about the usefulness of this fungus, it is worth noting its legality. It is not prohibited. It can be collected, stored and even consumed. However, you need to know some features.

    Spacing by concepts

    To begin with, it is worth noting that not all species of Amanita Muscaria are poisonous. As it turned out, there are quite edible species. The most poisonous and dangerous is the green Amanita Muscaria or pale grebe. The second most poisonous is the smelly fly agaric. And the red mushroom familiar to the eye is considered rather conditionally edible. The main thing is to prepare it correctly and not to overdo it with the dosage (if it is used for medicinal purposes).

    Another relative of the red mushroom is the gray-pink Caesar Amanita Muscaria. There are no harmful toxins in it and it is quite edible. In some countries, for example, in Georgia, there is a real hunt for him. It is fried in a pan and oil with onions, cooked in the oven on ketsi and boiled. The same mushroom is respected and loved in Spain, France and Italy.

    What is in the Amanita Muscaria?

    One of the most famous mushrooms, which is universally drawn and placed in school textbooks, is the red mushroom. It is not fried like Caesar's and is not baked. But dried, crushed and consumed in moderate doses. This fly agaric contains muscarine, choline, muscimol, ibotenic acid, betaine, hercinine, amino acids. At the same time, the composition of toxic substances in the fly agaric may depend on its size, habitat, and even seasonality.

    What medicinal properties does it have?
    Amanita Muscaria has a number of medicinal properties. Did you know that you can make a healing ointment and tincture from it? The finished product is applied externally to a wound, ulcer, or other skin injury. It can help you get rid of:

    • ulcers and boils
    • non-healing weeping wounds
    • burns and frostbite on the skin
    • tumors and cancerous ulcers
    • joint pain (with arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis)
    • pain in the lumbar region, in the bones, muscles and joints
    • problem skin (eliminate rashes, allergic reactions, clean pores).

    Fly agaric infusion is taken orally for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, sclerosis, skin and stomach cancer.

    How to prepare ointment and infusion of fly agaric?

    To prepare a spirit setting, do the following:

    rinse fresh mushrooms

    chop them up and pour them into any container

    fill with medical alcohol or vodka to the brim

    insist within 1-2 months.

    After the infusion is ready, it must be stored in the refrigerator, in the cellar or on the balcony.

    To prepare the red mushroom ointment, you need to rinse the mushrooms, chop them and place in the oven for 8-12 hours. After removing the resulting mass from the oven, it is necessary to mix the well-baked mushrooms and leave them in the refrigerator.

    Fly agaric infusion can be taken orally to eliminate depression and apathy. 1 tsp on the day of this infusion helps to cheer up and even eliminate the symptoms of peptic ulcer. For the treatment of tonsillitis and cancer of the stomach, the infusion is drunk three times a day one hour before the main meal. The infusion is drunk in a course - 10 days.

    Know-how or fake?

    Now more and more often you can see bloggers, actors and other famous personalities who are happy to eat fly agaric on camera. They say that thanks to the mushrooms, many diseases were cured. This is how the term microdosing was born. What is this? New fashion or another "dummy / lure"?

    This concept implies the use of red fly agaric in small quantities. In this case, the daily dose is no more than 1-2 g of dry mushrooms per day and no more than 2-3 cooked mushrooms. And if you do not want to mess with the mushrooms yourself, you can order ready-made preparations with home delivery.

    In this case, the mushrooms are ground into a thick powder or powder and placed in food capsules. Regularly taking them orally, you can not only relieve fatigue, but also get rid of insomnia and depression, restore strength, strengthen immunity and reduce cravings for alcohol and smoking. For the best effect, it is recommended to take mushrooms before the main meal.

    Many experts believe that microdosing does not harm the body. On the contrary, he heals him. There is no need to stop drinking your usual medications. Mushrooms do not react with drugs. They are not addictive and do not accumulate in the body.

    Features of macrodosing

    But if you love everything to the maximum, you should pay attention to macrodosing. This term suggests eating mushrooms whole. So, some shamans drank juice from fly agarics and ate their hats. They did this because of the large amount of entheogen that is part of the red mushrooms. It was believed that it was he who helped to enter a trance to communicate with spirits and acquire an intoxicating state. Today they are served in restaurants, dried and eaten.

    However, such experiences must be treated with extreme caution. Firstly, it is worth grinding the mushrooms into powder for better absorption, secondly, mushrooms and alcohol should not be mixed, and thirdly, do not overdo it with the dosage (the minimum macrodose is 1-2 g, and the maximum is over 10 g).

    Do not use mushrooms for pregnant and lactating mothers. And at the first sign of poisoning, it is necessary to call an ambulance and wash the stomach. Follow the safety rules and approach the treatment wisely!

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