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    Amanita muscaria dried for microdosing 90 capsules

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    The weight: 0,03
    Gross size L×W×H: 150.00 × 150.00 × 75.00 mm
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Natural products

    Developed in Siberia and the Urals

    The source of your longevity
    The most powerful natural antioxidant

    Amanita muscaria capsules
    Increases efficiency;
    Increases resistance to stress;
    Improves sleep;
    Relieves pain;
    Increases potency and libido;
    Struggling with bad habits;
    Strengthens immunity.
    Ecologically clean superfood from the regions of Siberia and the Urals!

    The CHAGAFOOD company produces products only from clean fly agaric caps dried in industrial convection drying chambers at a temperature not exceeding 38 ° C. After drying, the fly agaric is aged for at least a month in a dry, dark, well-ventilated area to maximize the removal of dangerous and toxic substances and compounds from mushrooms. Next, the caps are ground in a high-speed flour mill to a particle size of 40-70 microns. With such a fraction, the product is better absorbed in the body and more effective in use.

    Fly agaric is a natural remedy of folk medicine for general health improvement and longevity. Fly agaric is designed for modern people who want to increase awareness and performance, develop creative thinking, find harmony in life and discover new possibilities of their mind and body. However, do not forget that fly agaric is a poisonous mushroom, so you can use it only by microdising - using it in dried form in an ultra-low, literally microscopic dosage.

    * If the dosage is repeatedly exceeded, the product may be hazardous to health! It is not a drug, a dietary supplement. Before use, consult with a specialist.

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