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    Ganoderma Applanatum. Useful properties and application

    05 May 2023 г.

    The Ganoderma Applanatum is considered one of the most unusual medicinal mushrooms. It is also called ganoderma oblate or artist's mushroom.

    One of the first people to talk about this fungus was a botanist and mycologist from the Netherlands, Christian Person, in 1799. Later, he was remembered in 1833. At the same time, he acquired a new name - ganoderma.

    Panacea for various diseases

    Tinder fungus has long been considered a medicinal mushroom that can cure a large number of diseases of the respiratory system. So, he was considered a panacea, relieving all those suffering from tuberculosis. With its help, one could get rid of chronic fatigue and depression, neurasthenia and gain new energy during a breakdown.

    There is an opinion that this remedy has long been used as the main antidote for poisons and toxins.

    What does a Ganoderma Applanatum look like?

    Visually, this is a large mushroom of a wide and flat shape. This is an incredibly beautiful living organism of a bizarre shape. There is something unearthly in it, even Martian.

    If you press on its dense and elongated hat, you can see the characteristic dark color at the site of the pressure. For the same reason, the tinder fungus is called the artist's mushroom. Due to the dark pigment released when pressed, it can be painted.

    The cap of the Ganoderma Applanatum is flattened, flat and covered with small even bumps or grooves. As a rule, it grows up to 40 cm in diameter. The base of the ganoderma can grow up to 15 cm. Often you can see spore powder of a grayish-brown or dark rusty color on them.

    Sometimes the mushroom is equipped with a milky or white edge growing on the outside. If you cut it or break off a small piece, you can see a dense, woody, tough flesh without a characteristic smell and taste. Due to the density and fiber content, the mushroom is simply unsuitable for food. For the same reason, it is not used in cooking.

    The Ganoderma Applanatum often does not have a leg. If it is, it is very short and small. The surface of the fungus is rough and uneven to the touch.

    Where does Ganoderma Applanatum grow?

    The Ganoderma Applanatum is a very unpretentious mushroom. His favorite place is rotten stumps and dead wood. It grows in a small group in which all fruiting bodies are literally intertwined with each other. Its habitat is considered to be the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, North America, the Far East, the middle zone of the Russian Federation, Eurasia.

    In nature, it can be found on the trunks of mushrooms and poplars, on stumps and fallen trees. Much less often, these mushrooms grow on diseased trees. Ganoderma Applanatum bear fruit from May to September. Finding them is easy. It is enough to pay attention to the stumps and deciduous trees on which they grow. Due to their unusual shape, such mushrooms can be seen at any time of the year.

    For what purposes is it used?

    A Ganoderma Applanatum is used to treat hypertension and as a prophylactic against hepatitis and nervous diseases. It is used as a remedy for bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis.

    Due to its beneficial properties, Ganoderma Applanatum is used in the treatment of hyperglycemia and high blood sugar in diabetics. Ganoderma Applanatum is an ideal remedy for gastritis and peptic ulcer, for rheumatism and in the treatment of cancer. It is also used as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, immunostimulating and antiallergic agent.

    Ganoderma Applanatum is an excellent material for the preparation of various preparations and tinctures that help in the treatment of rheumatism, oncology, bronchitis, diabetes, asthma, gastritis, hepatitis and diabetes.

    With it, you can improve the general condition of your blood and increase the level of protective functions of the body, get rid of toxins, toxins and harmful substances. Ganoderma Applanatum is the best assistant in the fight against excess weight. It helps to lose weight, increase immunity, stop bleeding and heal open wounds.

    What is made from Ganoderma Applanatum?

    Most often, extracts, alcohol tinctures, tea, decoctions and powders are made from Ganoderma Applanatum. In the course are fruiting bodies, crushed for convenience into powder. When preparing medicinal products, they are washed and dried at a temperature of 50-70 ℃. The finished powder is sealed tightly and stored in a dark place.

    How to make Ganoderma Applanatum tea?

    To prepare tea from the Ganoderma Applanatum, you must use ready-made powder diluted with water. You need to cook it for no more than 5-10 minutes. Freshly prepared tea is poured into an ordinary thermos, closed with a lid and left to infuse for half a day. The resulting tea is taken three times a day, 2 tablespoons, approximately 40-60 minutes before meals.

    It is necessary to drink ready-made tea in a course lasting 21 days. Next, take a week off.

    Who should not use the Ganoderma Applanatum?

    Ganoderma Applanatum is not recommended for breastfeeding, pregnant women, children (under the age of nine), people with existing chronic diseases. The use of Ganoderma Applanatum tincture or tea is an important procedure that needs a competent approach and personal control of doctors.

    Interesting Ganoderma Applanatum facts

    Ganoderma Applanatum - a unique canvas for the artist. You can draw on it. Because of this, this Ganoderma Applanatum is often used as an original souvenir.
    In just a few years, the tinder fungus grows rapidly and is able to reach simply gigantic sizes.

    On the surface of one old Ganoderma Applanatum, several young individuals can grow, capable of acquiring the most unusual shapes and designs.

    On the walls of the tinder fungus, you can draw with a thin stick, rod or match.

    The Ganoderma Applanatum is a parasitic fungus. In the process of its development, it kills the tree, gradually filling it with light yellowish rot.

    Ganoderma Applanatum is a non-poisonous fungus widely used in medicine. It is not eaten, but is used to treat various diseases, including tuberculosis, bronchitis and tracheitis.

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