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    Hericiumerinaceus. Benefit for health

    05 May 2023 г.

    Hericiumerinaceus is a useful fungus that grows on deciduous trees. You can find it mainly in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. It is found in North America and Asia.

    Useful properties of the Hericiumerinaceus

    Hericiumerinaceus - an incredible miracle of nature, which has a powerful healing power. It has long been used by Chinese healers as an effective cure for chronic and atrophic gastritis, to improve immunity, from inflammation, cancer of the stomach and esophagus, from blood diseases, and to improve brain activity.

    Thanks to numerous studies and clinical trials, it was possible to identify the positive effect of the fungus on the human nervous system. It has been proven that Hericiumerinaceus helps to improve the condition of the nervous tissue. It is taken in case of deterioration of memory and thinking processes, with progressive Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson's disease.

    It is also indispensable in the treatment of stomach ulcers, overweight and high cholesterol, H. pylori infection, cancer and diabetes. This is an excellent antiseptic and regenerating agent.

    Today, Hericiumerinaceus can be found in dietary supplements. Thanks to numerous studies, Hericiumerinaceus has gained a reputation as a powerful remedy for dementia and a proven memory booster. With it, you can get rid of depression, neurological disorders, memory loss, dementia and even cancer.

    The results of studies obtained after experiments on mice showed that Hericiumerinaceus improves brain activity. It eliminates memory gaps (reduces the amount of substances that contribute to the formation of plaques in the brain) and reduces the risk of ischemic stroke.

    According to the latest research on the fungus, Hericiumerinaceus is a must for the elderly. In particular, it is he who helps to get rid of cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia and Parkinson's disease.

    What is this mushroom and what does it look like?

    Visually, the mushroom resembles a fluffy fur bundle of white threads or fringes, a white beard, which is why it is also called a lion's mane or monkey's head. If you cut the comb blackberry or break off a small piece from it, you can see the hard and at the same time elastic pulp of the fungus with a characteristic pungent odor.

    From above, the comb blackberry has a hat, from which numerous white pendants of thread or spikes hang down. Initially, the cap of the mushroom is white, but as it matures, it changes, acquiring a visible yellowish or creamy hue. In width, such a hat can grow up to 7-25 cm.

    Unlike other varieties of Hericum, the comb blackberry does not contain tiered white brackets with small spines growing from below. It does not have a branched structure and is more like dense roundness.

    Where does urchin grow?

    You can find Hericiumerinaceus on mushroom, oak and beech growing in the forests of Eurasia and North America. Despite its prevalence in the temperate zone of these continents, it is not always easy to see a mushroom growing on trees. This is due to the fact that the comb blackberry is selective in the search for its habitat. So, as a home, he chooses large branches of old standing or fallen trees.

    Where is the comb urchin used?

    Hericiumerinaceus is a unique mushroom with numerous beneficial properties. It is used both in alternative and traditional medicine, in cooking.

    Hericiumerinaceus is a healthy edible mushroom that can be found in many Japanese and Chinese dishes.

    How is Lion's mane taken?

    As a therapeutic drug, Hericiumerinaceus is taken in a course. The term for taking the fungus depends on the type of disease and the neglect of the case. In total, the mushroom is consumed internally for 16 weeks.

    Contraindications and restrictions for use

    It is not recommended to use comb blackberry for women who are breastfeeding and for those who are in an "interesting position". Special care should be taken by people with poor blood clotting. If you have diabetes, pay attention to your blood sugar levels. When using the mushroom, it usually decreases. For this reason, this indicator should be monitored to avoid hypoglycemia.

    It is recommended to stop using the mushroom a couple of weeks before the planned operation. This is due to the possible slowing of blood clotting when using Hericiumerinaceus .

    How to determine the dosage of the mushroom?

    When consuming Hericiumerinaceus , it is important to choose the right dosage. In order to do this correctly, it is necessary to make simple calculations, taking into account the age and health of the patient, including additional conditions (if any).

    A real threat to the life of the fungus

    At the moment, the Hericiumerinaceus is not under the threat of extinction. However, many experts believe that everything is going to this. In particular, this is evidenced by data that clearly shows a slight decline in the number of Hericiumerinaceus . This is due to active deforestation. This mushroom cannot live without trees. The second reason that actively influences the decrease in the number of the fungus is the mushroom pickers themselves. They cut the Hericiumerinaceus and use it for medicinal or culinary purposes.

    The UK has already sounded the alarm, giving the fungus the highest level of human rights protection and including it on the Wildlife Act list. Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France and other countries have included Hericiumerinaceus in the Red Book.

    As you can see, the threat of extinction of the fungus is quite real. You can solve the problem by increasing the number of Hericiumerinaceus artificially, which is done very successfully.

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