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    Processing of Amanita Muscaria in industrial conditions

    26 October 2022 г.

    Drying Amanita Muscaria in an industrial convection chamber

    The CHAGAFOOD company produces products only from clean Amanita Muscaria caps dried in industrial convection drying chambers at a temperature not exceeding 38 ° C. The internal parts of the drying chamber are made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel.

    The drying process is divided into several stages.

    Stage 1 (preparatory) - mushroom caps are cleaned and disinfected under an ultraviolet lamp. Amanitas are laid out on perforated pallets with caps down for natural removal of excess moisture.

    Stage 2 (main) - the mushrooms are dried at a temperature range of 20-25°C with an average convection intensity and a heating element power of 4.5 kW.

    Stage 3 (final) - the mushrooms are dried at a temperature range of 33-38°C at a high intensity of convection and the power of the heating elements is 9 kW.

    The end of the Amanita Muscaria drying process is monitored by a moisture meter at a value of at least 2% moisture content of the product.

    Grinding Amanita Muscaria

    After drying, the Amanita Muscaria is aged for at least a month in a dry, dark, well-ventilated area to maximize the removal of dangerous and toxic substances and compounds from mushrooms. Next, the caps are ground in a high-speed flour mill to a particle size of 40-70 microns. With such a fraction, the product is better absorbed in the body and more effective in use.

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