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    Chaga extract defeats coronavirus?

    15 June 2021 г.


    This suggests that an antiviral drug can be created on the basis of chaga extract.

    NOVOSIBIRSK, November 11 ./TASS/ Scientists at the Vector Center for Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk have proved that the extract of the mushrooms fungus chaga can suppress the reproduction of particles of a new type of coronavirus in a test tube. This suggests that on the basis of such an extract it is possible to create an antiviral drug, the source writes.

    Chaga is the popular name for the parasitic fungus bevel (Inonotus obliquus). Most often, it begins to grow in damaged areas of mushrooms bark, but is also found on other trees – for example, alder, grouse or maple. Chaga extract is used in folk medicine for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, liver, heart diseases, tuberculosis. Scientists explain its therapeutic properties by biologically active substances that are formed during the interaction of mushrooms and fungus.

    Previously, Vektor specialists had already tested the activity of chaga extract to type 1 immunodeficiency virus, type 2 herpes simplex, West Nile virus and smallpox virus. Their studies showed that aqueous extracts extracted from the chaga suppressed all viruses studied in the work, including HIV. However, drugs for these viruses based on chagas have not yet been created. Virologists at the Vector Center have studied whether aqueous extracts of pharmacy chaga can affect the life of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. To do this, scientists applied chaga extracts at different concentrations to cell culture. After some time, a new type of coronavirus strain was applied to them. It turned out that the extract reduces the activity of pathogenic particles. The researchers believe that given the low toxicity of chaga, it is possible to create drugs against coronavirus based on it. Researchers have already filed a patent application.

    Scientists have developed several ways to prepare concentrated aqueous extracts of chaga, one of which can be used at home. The effectiveness of the chaga extract prepared using this technique was tested by one of the authors of the study, as well as her colleagues and acquaintances. According to them, after 5-7 days, the symptoms of the infection passed. In addition, they all underwent symptomatic treatment (for example, they took antipyretic drugs), scientists did not conduct a full-fledged study of the effectiveness of chaga against COVID-19 and did not prove it. Therefore, in this case, it is not known what specifically helped against the symptoms of coronavirus infection – chaga extract, symptomatic treatment or the disease passed itself. It should be added that this study did not pass the test of independent experts, as is usually the case in such cases. Therefore, the conclusions of this study should be treated carefully.

    However, the benefit of chaga extract on the whole body has been repeatedly proved by numerous studies of experts around the world, in particular, the immunosensitive effect of this product is undeniable, and this is one of the main criteria for recovery.

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