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    10 advantages of Chaga extract

    02 January 2021 г.



    1. Extraction and sublimation at temperature range from + 40 ° C to -25 ° C, preserving 100% of active substances during production.
    2. The use of membrane fine filters of the finished wort before drying allows to achieve 100% solubility of the product.
    3. Manual sorting of raw materials before extraction, which allows you to select only the best pieces of chaga, with the highest content of the extractive layer.
    4. Chromogenic complex of active substances in finished products is not less than 45% and within 55%.
    5. Ultraviolet disinfection of raw materials.
    6. Use of both vacuum evaporation and dispersion methods in the production of extract.
    7. The company’s specialization and potential are aimed at producing finished products exclusively from chaga mushrooms.
    8. A democratic wholesale and retail price in the market among competitors, with high quality products.
    9. Production is located in an environmentally friendly region, away from large industrial centers.


    The popularity of dried pieces of CHAGI mushroom worldwide is undeniable! However, the use and use of chaga in this form is impractical, inconvenient and, moreover, ineffective! A piece of chaga does not give into the drink when brewing and preparing infusion, as many useful substances as chaga powder can give, and especially its sublimated extract!

    Based on this, we decided to conduct a survey among instagram followers and finally find out what is preferable from the final products of chaga: just powder or still an extract? The results of the survey did not surprise us, 71% of subscribers were in favor of the extract, the rest – 29% for chaga powder. Everything in our world is known in comparison! And here the extract wins in all positions:

    1. EXTRACT CLEANLINESS compared to conventional powder. During production, the extract passes several degrees of purification, the last stage – through a filter with a section of 10 μm under vacuum.

    2.SOLUBILITY of the extract is 100% compared to powder, which is almost insoluble and settles on the bottom of the cup.

    3.CONCENTRATION at dosage of beverage preparation in tea cup from extract – in total -1/4 – 1/3 teaspoon, from powder – 3 or more teaspoons.

    4.POLZA when using the extract, based on the above facts, is many times more than when using the powder.


    Before starting the production of SUBLIMATED CHAGA MUSHROOMS EXTRACT, the CHAGAFOOD TEAM studied for a long time the entire production process based on physical and chemical principles, during which CHAGA turns into instant black crystals. Only a few months have passed since the beginning of production, and we have already been able to bring the final product to ideal quality with a chromogenic complex content of at least 45%, we have achieved 100% solubility without precipitation. Previously, this quality of the extract was at a content of active substances of at least 52.8%.

    We will not dive into the intricacies of the production process, we are sure that this is of little interest to the buyer, but to tell what the SUBLIMATED EXTRACT OF CHAGA MUSHROOMS is – this is the purpose of this article. From sources – Extract, or extract (lat. Extractum) – concentrated extraction from medicinal plant raw materials or raw materials of animal origin, which are mobile, viscous liquids or dry masses. The second meaning of the word is extract, specifically describes the very essence of the extract, that is, in our case, the concentrated extraction of dry mass from the chaga mushrooms fungus of chaga, by vacuum, (at a temperature of about 40 ° C), extraction and sublimation.

    That is, EXTRACT PRODUCTION IS A COMPLEX TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS, AND NOT GRINDING CHAGA, according to uninformed consumers! Accordingly, the price of such an “extract” is much lower, since it is simply ground and dry mushroom without any treatment. But unscrupulous manufacturers went further – to give such an “extract” a more or less similar look to a real extract, they use in grinding the upper part of the chaga, which has a dense structure and black color, and when grinding, although small, it resembles powdered chaga extract.

    However, THIS IS JUST A CHAGA POWDER that is practically insoluble in water, is not an extract, insufficiently purified from foreign inclusions, with a small and unstable level of active substances in the dosage, inconvenient to use due to prolonged infusion, etc. Moreover, these same “grief manufacturers” indicate on their packages that it is chaga extract and sell “IT” at the price of REAL EXTRACT! Unfortunately, in business, not everyone is clean in hand, but it is always very bad when ordinary, unsuspecting buyers suffer from this. The purpose of this article is not a commercial benefit or promotion! We, TEAM CHAGAFOOD, tried to explain what the real SUBLIMATED EXTRACT OF CHAGA MUSHROOMS really is.

    Thanks to everyone who follows us! WE WORK FOR YOUR HEALTH!

    Chaga, Chaga extract 02.01.2021 607 views

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