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    About ChagaFood and the product

    Наша цель

    Our goal

    Become leaders in the production of natural eco-products based on chaga mushroom.

    How do we move towards the goal

    • Long-term lease of sites in ecologically clean regions of Siberia and the Urals for harvesting chaga mushrooms;
    • Improvement of technology of chaga processing;
    • Improvement of the applied equipment;
    • Satisfying the needs of the maximum number of customers.

    History of the company

    The history of our company began in 2016. We collected, processed chaga mushrooms and exported it wholesale to Southeast Asian countries.

    Since ancient times, chaga has been very popular in eastern medicine clinics in India and China. It is known there as the healing northern fungus, which helps from almost all diseases. It does not grow in Asian countries themselves, so when we entered the eastern market with high-quality mushrooms tea, we immediately attracted the attention of large medical centers.

    In two years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality raw materials.

    In 2017, they entered into partnership agreements with European countries, as well as with the United States and Canada.

    In 2018, they engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of chaga in Russia.

    Now you have the opportunity to purchase a unique chaga extract, which will help maintain health for many years.

    Our achievements

    In two years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality raw materials.

    In 2017, we entered into partnership agreements with European countries, as well as with the USA and Canada.

    We are the largest official supplier of chaga mushrooms almost all over the world. And we can deliver chaga mushroom extract to anywhere in the world, both wholesale and retail.

    Harvesting and processing of chaga

    Chaga mushroom production is carried out in ecologically clean regions of Siberia and the Urals.

    We do not use chemical solvents and preservatives when processing chaga mushroom. In the production process, both vacuum evaporation and dispersion methods for obtaining an extract are used. The latter is considered one of the most efficient extraction methods, in which the raw material does not heat up above 40°C at a speed of the homogenizer disperser up to 3000 rpm. Sublimation takes place at temperatures down to -25°C. At the same time, the maximum content of useful substances is preserved in the finished product.

    At the next stage, we grind the extract into a fraction of up to 0.3 mm for better solubility and pack it in sealed bags that maintain optimal storage conditions.

    Our advantages

    High quality guarantee

    Our products are certified, safe and healthy!

    Fast shipping

    We deliver worldwide

    Reliable cooperation

    We have been working since 2016. Hundreds of grateful clients

    Security and guarantees

    Our product meets all the necessary safety requirements, which is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union.

    For all the years of work, we have not received a single complaint about the chaga mushroom and there has not been a single return.

    We appreciate your trust and are ready to guarantee a high quality product at an affordable price.

    Certificates and Attestations

    Biosafety Compliance Certificate
    Certificate of conformity
    Trademark certificate
    EAC Declaration of Conformity
    Lab Test Results #1
    Lab Test Results #2
    Lab Test Results #3