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    The history of our company began in 2016. We collected, processed Chaga mushrooms, Amanita muscaria, Ganoderma applanatum, Hericium erinaceus and exported it wholesale to Southeast Asian countries.

    Since ancient times, chaga has been very popular in eastern medicine clinics in India and China. It is known there as the healing northern chaga, which helps from almost all diseases. It does not grow in Asian countries themselves, so when we entered the eastern market with high-quality mushrooms tea, we immediately attracted the attention of large medical centers.

    In two years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality raw materials.

    In 2017, they entered into partnership agreements with European countries, as well as with the United States and Canada.

    In 2018, they engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of chaga in Russia.

    Now you have the opportunity to purchase a unique chaga extract, which will help maintain health for many years.

    Export of healthy mushrooms

    Having our own production, we are exporters of chaga outside of Russia, with guaranteed deliveries of products to the CIS countries, Asia, Europe and America in the shortest possible time.

    CHAGAFOOD is the official supplier of chaga in Canada, South Korea, China, USA, Vietnam and European countries. The shipping cost depends on the region and the quantity of the ordered goods.

    Our manager will acquaint you with detailed conditions. The prospects for the development of CHAGAFOOD exports in the coming years depend on an increase in the volume of harvesting of mushroom chaga on leased forest plots, increasing control over the acceptance of harvested raw materials, improving its processing, increasing production capacity, improving product quality control, expanding the marketing policy that reflects the company's activities in the field of promotion to the market and related to successful activities in the field of sales, both in the domestic market and for export. 

    If you are interested in the export of chaga to your country, please read the detailed conditions or send a request and we will contact you:


    Quality of delivered goods:

    We use only high quality raw materials for manual collection:

    100% natural Chaga Mushroom, Amanita muscaria, Ganoderma applanatum and Hericium erinaceus:

    Manual collection in environmentally friendly regions. The use of the most valuable parts from selected quality samples, and processing on high-tech equipment guarantees the safety and high activity of useful substances.

    Chaga – Russian Super mushrooms

    Chaga (refers to the species “beveled bevel”) is a mushroom that grows on mushrooms in cold climates, as a rule, throughout the Northern Hemisphere. At first glance, the mushrooms does not look very attractive, it is even difficult to know the mushrooms, no similarity! Appearance can be deceptive, as this mushrooms is incredibly valuable for health.

    Chaga mushrooms — is an absolutely natural natural product that is almost impossible to grow or produce artificially. Most often, this mushrooms is found on mushrooms, which is why it received the popular name “black mushrooms.” Mushrooms from ancient times is one of the symbols of Russia and grows in almost all its regions.

    From ancient times, knowledge of a unique natural miracle product – chaga mushrooms – has passed from generation to generation. Nowadays, the chaga mushrooms is successful not only among adherents of folk medicine, but is also actively used in many areas of modern medicine – ophthalmology, dentistry, oncology, gastroenterology and many others.

    Why don’t we want to see what’s practically under our feet?

    All over the world – from China to the USA mushrooms – Chaga, very popular! Moreover, not only as a popular remedy for the prevention and treatment of many ailments, but also as a sports biologically active supplement. And also as a means to increase the overall tone of the body.

    It is very surprising that in Asian countries, such as: China, Vietnam, South Korea, mushrooms practically does not grow, and the popularity of chaga beats all conceivable and not conceivable records. Chaga in these mills is consumed inside, externally, and also taken baths. In our country, the percentage of consumption of this product is so low that sometimes you think about our ignorance and the lack of basic knowledge about natural wealth. Chaga is literally a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and other useful substances.


    Currently, in Western countries there is an increased demand for tea and finished products from it: in pieces, crushed, powdered, extracts (sublimated, or in liquid form), drinks, capsules, etc. Moreover, the quality of these products in some regions is very dubious, since the environmental situation in a number of countries where mushrooms is predominant leaves much to be desired.

    We offer a high-quality chaga product made on our own production from environmentally friendly raw materials of the regions of Siberia, Altai and the Urals.
    Our extract was made by dispersion and vacuum extraction using an aqueous solvent followed by sublimation. The chromogenic complex of active substances reaches 45-55%.


    Healing properties of mushrooms

    The healing properties of the Chaga Mushroom, Amanita muscaria, Ganoderma applanatum and Hericium erinaceus are known from ancient times. Nature has endowed this mushrooms with a large number of elements and minerals necessary for the human body. healthy mushrooms treatment is very popular, this natural health storehouse, appearing on trees, is used in all areas of medicine.

    Chaga Mushroom, Amanita muscaria, Ganoderma applanatum and Hericium erinaceus contains substances that restore vision, help improve the work of the kidneys, allow you to cure stomach ulcer, mastopathy, eczema, psoriasis and myoma, in addition, it helps in diseases of the intestines, liver and kidneys, and is also indispensable in the treatment of cancerous tumors.

    1. Supporting the immune system
    2. Soothing properties
    3. Ulcer and gastritis
    4. Normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol

    How to make tea from chaga?

    The most popular way to eat chaga is to brew it and drink it as tea.

    Tea from chaga

    1. Grind the mushrooms into small pieces, about 10 grams.
    2. Grind one piece into powder with a blender or coffee grinder.
    3. Put one teaspoon of crushed chaga (or two if tightly brewed tea tastes) in a large mug or brewing kettle and pour about 400 ml of hot (but not more than + 75 ° C) water.
    4. Leave to infuse for at least 8 hours to extract the maximum useful substances from the mushrooms.
    5. Add honey, sugar or any syrup to taste. The infusion can also be used as a brew by diluting with hot water (no more than + 75 ° C).

    Medicine, Chaga vs. Cancer


    Cancer is always unpredictable. In all countries, they are trying to fight in different ways. Modern medicine every day opens new medicines and methods of treatment, creating rehabilitation centers and prevention clinics.

    But among people there are many supporters of traditional medicine. Many people prefer to trust environmentally friendly and natural products in the fight against diseases. In alternative medicine, there are many tips, prescriptions, and recommendations for treating cancer. Basically, it is a treatment using the healing properties of plants. Today, cancer treatments such as gribotherapy are gaining particular popularity. Many patients recognized the effectiveness of chaga in the fight against cancer. After positive results of treatment with chaga, this method was recently recognized as official.

    What diseases are chaga effectively fighting against?

    If you do not have serious diseases, the benefit of the mushrooms will be to prevent various body problems. It will also help improve the general condition. What can a chaga mushrooms cure? The mushrooms is not only an excellent means of prevention, but also struggles with problems such as:

    Chaga in sports medicine:

    The widest range of biological activity of chaga drugs has long attracted the attention of sports medicine, since it immediately solves several of the most pressing problems of modern sports:


    Hericiumerinaceus. Benefit for health

    Hericiumerinaceus or blackberry comb is a useful fungus that grows on deciduous trees. You can find it mainly in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. It is found in North America and Asia.


    Ganoderma Applanatum. Useful properties and application

    The Ganoderma Applanatum is considered one of the most unusual medicinal mushrooms. It is also called ganoderma oblate or artist's mushroom.

    One of the first people to talk about this fungus was a botanist and mycologist from the Netherlands, Christian Person, in 1799. Later, he was remembered in 1833. At the same time, he acquired a new name - ganoderma.


    Processing of Amanita Muscaria in industrial conditions

    The CHAGAFOOD company produces products only from clean Amanita Muscaria caps dried in industrial convection drying chambers at a temperature not exceeding 38 ° C. The internal parts of the drying chamber are made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel.

    The drying process is divided into several stages.