Harvesting, processing and sale around the world wild chaga mushrooms from the Northern regions of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and Altai!

A Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle!


СHAGAFOOD LLC Concludes export contracts for the supply of birch chaga mushrooms, dry (10-16%), peeled (without wood, without bark), chopped, medium and coarse fractions (5-15 cm)

Harvesting, processing and sale around the world wild chaga mushrooms from the Northern regions of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and Altai!

The ratio of volume and weight when loading: 8-8.5 tons = 20 feet container, 16-17 tons = 40 feet or eurofura. Packing in PP bags 15-20 kg.

Indications: as a biogenic stimulant, chaga mushrooms increases the protective properties of the body, – stimulates the central nervous and neurohumoral systems, improves metabolism, normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, exerts arterial and venous pressure, helps lower blood sugar – is used in the prevention of cancer.

The price depends on the terms of delivery and the region. Deliveries for export to South Korea, China, Vietnam, USA, Canada, EU countries and others.


Chaga – Russian Super mushroom

Chaga (refers to the species “Inonotus Oblique”)  mushrooms is a fungus that grows on birches in a cold climate, as a rule, throughout the Northern Hemisphere. At first glance, the fungus does not look very attractive, it is even difficult to recognize the fungus, no similarity! Appearance can be deceptive, since this mushroom is incredibly valuable for health.

Mushroom Chaga birch – this is an absolutely natural product, which is almost impossible to grow or produce artificially. Most often this mushroom is found on birches, which is why it received the popular name “black birch mushroom”. Birch has been one of the symbols of Russia since ancient times and grows practically in all its regions.


Since ancient times, from generation to generation passed on knowledge about the unique natural wonder – the product is birch chaga  mushrooms. Today, the chaga mushroom is popular not only among adherents of traditional medicine, but also actively used in many areas of modern medicine – ophthalmology, dentistry, oncology, gastroenterology and many others.

Around the world – from China to the USA birch mushroom – chaga, sooo popular! And not only as a folk remedy for the prevention and treatment of many ailments, but also as a sports dietary Supplement, well, or as a means of increasing the overall tone of the body!
It is very surprising that in Asian countries such as: China, Vietnam, South Korea ,birch practically does not grow, and the popularity of the fungus beats all conceivable records. Chaga in these camps are used inside, outside and even take a bath . Chaga is literally a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants with the presence of chromogenic complex.


  • improves and stabilizes the immune system;
  • lowers blood sugar;
  • removes toxins from the body;
  • reduces excess weight;
  • helps with psoriasis;
  • used in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • used in the prevention of cancer;
  • reduces the growth of tumors
  • supports the overall tone of the body

Have now have now have now we offer the best and convenient product of the fungus, with a long shelf life, produced in ecologically clean regions of Siberia and the Urals is a sublimated EXTRACT of CHAGA MUSHROOMS have this have this have this Our extract produced by the method vacuum extraction this with the use of aqueous solvent and gentle long-term vacuum drying! Chromogenic complex (antioxidants), depending on the grade, ranges from 40 to 55%. Method of use: dissolve 1/2-1/3 teaspoon of extract in 200 ml warm (no boiling water!) water or your drink and drink 2-3 times a day for month. If desired, you can add sugar or honey.After a break of 7-10 days and if necessary continue eating.



Quality of the delivered goods:

We use only highly active raw materials of the highest quality of manual selection;

  • Raw materials are processed in special drying chambers, with the remaining useful service properties;
  • Further, the raw materials are sorted and crushed before the order of the goods;
  • Finished products have a moisture content of not more than 16% and not less than 22% of active substances;
  • There is a packing of raw materials in the appropriate order containers;
  • Guaranteed storage modes with optimum performance.

100% natural Chaga  mushrooms

Manual collection in ecologically clean regions.Use of the most valuable parts of the selected quality samples, and processing on high-tech equipment guarantees the safety and high activity of useful substances.

  1. Support the immune system
  2. Soothing properties
  3. Ulcer and gastritis
  4. Normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol level

Healing properties of chaga mushrooms

Healing properties of the birch mushroom Chaga are known since ancient times. Nature has endowed this mushroom with a large number of elements and minerals necessary for the human body. Treatment with chaga mushrooms is very in demand, this natural storehouse of health, appearing on trees, is used in all spheres of medicine.

Birch fungus Chaga mushrooms contains substances that restore vision, improve the work of the kidneys, can cure stomach ulcers, mastopathy, eczema, psoriasis and fibroids, in addition, it helps with diseases of the intestines, liver and kidneys, as well as irreplaceable in the treatment of cancerous tumors.

How to make tea from chaga mushrooms?

The most popular way chagi consumption is brew it and drink it in the form of tea

Chaga mushrooms tea

  1. Grind the mushroom into small pieces, about
    10 grams.
  2. Grind one piece into powder with a blender or coffee grinder.
  3. Put one teaspoon of shredded chaga mushrooms(or two, if you like hard-boiled tea) into a large mug or teapot and pour about 400 ml of hot (not hotter than 75 degrees) water.
  4. Leave to infuse for at least 8 hours to extract the maximum of nutrients from the fungus.
  5. Add honey, sugar or any syrup to taste. The same infusion can be used as a tea leaves diluting with hot water (not hotter than 75 degrees).

Useful substances in Chaga

In birch Chaga mushrooms contains a large number of acids, such as two triterpenic acids from the group of tetracyclic triterpenes, iononotovaya, oblicin, oxalic, formic, acetic, oily, vanillic, paraoxybenzoic, etc., as well as free phenols, lignin, inotodiol, polysaccharide The result of the hydrolysis of which produces reduced sugars), lanosterol, fiber, sterols-ergosterol, pterins, and also in Chaga mushrooms contains up to 12.3% ash and a large amount of potassium, which affects the positive activity of cells ok in the body. The positive effect of chaga mushrooms in malignant tumors is due to the presence of pterins in it.

1. Polysaccharides

Chaga mushrooms contains structural polysaccharides in its walls, they provide replenishment of energy resources, health of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and liver, and also contribute to the normalization of blood sugar levels. They also help to improve mood.

2. Beta-glucan

Beta-glucan is known his ability modulate the immune system. Beta-glucan also has hypocholesterolemic property and normalize blood glucose level

3. Phytosterols

Of all the phytosterols, present in the Chaga mushrooms, 45% is lanosterol and others – ergosterol, inotodiol, fecosterol and some others. Testing in vivo and in vitro shows a direct effect of both lanosterol and inotolal on tumor cells, as well as their effect on viral organisms, helping to combat them.

4. Betulin and betulinic acid

Betulin and betulinic acid are powerful therapeutic agents that are currently being tested for their effect on maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in the blood, and are also being studied for cancer and viruses.

5. Antioxidants

Chaga mushrooms contains a huge amount of natural black pigment melanin, which is known to have a high level of antioxidant activity due to the polyphenols it contains.

6. SOD (superoxide dismutase)

SOD is another important antioxidant. Refers to a group of enzymes that play an important role in protecting our body from the devastating effects of free oxidation and free radicals.

Medicine, chaga mushrooms against cancer

Cancer is always unpredictable. In all countries, they try to fight in different ways. Modern medicine every day opens new medications and treatments, creating rehabilitation centres and clinics prevention.

But among people there are many supporters of traditional medicine. Many people tend to trust environmentally friendly and natural products in the fight against diseases. In alternative medicine, there are many tips, recipes and recommendations in the treatment of cancer. Basically-this treatment with the help of healing properties of plants. Today is a special popularity was received this kind of improvement, as fungoterapiya treatment mushrooms cancer. The recognition of many patients has found the chaga mushroom for cancer. After the positive results of treatment with chaga mushrooms, recently, this method has been recognized as official. The simplest and most effective at the same time recognized – chaga extract powder!!!

What kind of disease fighting chaga mushrooms?

If you do not have any serious diseases, the benefit of the fungus will be to prevent various problems with the body. It will also help to improve his condition in General. What cures birch chaga mushrooms? The fungus is not only an excellent means of prevention, but also fights such problems as:

  • Oncology – leads to regression of such diseases, improves immunity, helps to enhance the effectiveness of anti-oncological treatment.
  • Any liver damage, including cirrhosis.
  • Kidney disease (nephritis and pyelonephritis).
  • Problems with the Breasts – mastitis.
  • Diseases of the gastric mucosa (gastritis, polyps)..
  • Skin problems (dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, burns).
  • Treats problems of the oral cavity (stomatitis, paradontosis).
  • Struggling with insomnia and stress.

Chaga mushrooms in sports medicine:

The widest range of biological activity of chaga mushrooms preparations has attracted the attention of sports medicine for a long time, since it immediately solves several of the most pressing problems of modern sports:

  • How to remove hypoxia when higher results are achieved, which are already given by exorbitant loads;
  • how to neutralize the negative effects of severe physical exertion and increased metabolism on the liver;
  • How to maintain immune status and resistance to infections.


Сhaga extract powder sublimated

The chromogenic complex of our sublimated extract of chaga, within the range of 45-55%, depending on the grade. It is possible to produce an extract with a higher percentage of the chromogenic complex (up to 75-80%), on individual orders.

Our sublimated extract chagi use:

1. Internal use:

  • as a restorative and anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, used in patients with peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, chronic liver disease, gastrointestinal dyskinesia with atony; polyposis of the stomach and intestines; kidney disease;
  • immunostimulatory agent;
  • it is used as a symptomatic remedy for various cancer diseases, in some cases, improves the health of patients with tumors of various etiologies, improves the health of patients, relieves debilitating pain;
  • it is used for mastitis, fibromy;

2. External use:

  • used in cosmetics to optimize metabolic processes, improve tissue regeneration, circulation and appearance of all skin types;
  • protects against radiation, prevents photoaging, photodermatosis, drying (dehydration);
  • suspends the aging and degeneration of tissues;
  • it is used as an anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antiviral agent, reduces papilloma, herpes viral skin and mucous membrane lesions; assists with psoriasis, benign neoplasms, red lichen, all types of acne and fungal skin diseases;
  • as a healing agent bruises and contusions;
  • used in the treatment of paradontosis.

Method of using the extract

Chromogenic complex not less than 52% Ingredients: chaga mushrooms extract
Use: 1/4-1/3 teaspoon of the extract stir in 200 ml of water at a temperature of not more than 65 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life: 3 years.
TU 11.07.19-001 – 01857412-2018 Manufacturer: “CHAGAFOOD” LLC

The extract of the chaga mushrooms powder:

  • proteins, g 2,2
  • fats, g 0,7
  • carbohydrates, g 1,3
  • microorganisms (mesophilic aerobic, (optional anaerobic) 2×103
  • CGB g / cm 0,001
  • Escherichia coli (cm) 0.02
  • aureus (g / cm) 0,03
  • Salmonella not detected
  • yeast and mold 2
  • The content of harmful impurities does not exceed the established standards
  • HCH (isomers) not detected
  • the chromogenic complex % 52,8%
  • AOAC (antioxidant activity) 7±0.1
  • Energy value (kcal.) 23



100g = $17 + shipping $29
400g = $67 + shipping $33
900g = $143 + shipping $37
2000g = $325 + shipping $43
3000g = $495 + FREE SHIPPING!!!
$495=30 packs of 100g for $16.5 each, including delivery-this is the preservation of your immunity and health for the whole year!!!


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