Harvesting, processing and sale around the world wild chaga mushrooms from the Northern regions of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and Altai!

A Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle!


The history of our company began in 2016. We collected, processed chaga mushrooms and exported it wholesale to Southeast Asian countries.

Since ancient times, chaga has been very popular in eastern medicine clinics in India and China. It is known there as the healing northern fungus, which helps from almost all diseases. It does not grow in Asian countries themselves, so when we entered the eastern market with high-quality mushrooms tea, we immediately attracted the attention of large medical centers.

In two years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality raw materials.

In 2017, they entered into partnership agreements with European countries, as well as with the United States and Canada.

In 2018, they engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of chaga in Russia.

Now you have the opportunity to purchase a unique chaga extract, which will help maintain health for many years.

Chaga – Russian Super mushrooms

Chaga (refers to the species “beveled bevel”) is a fungus that grows on birches in cold climates, as a rule, throughout the Northern Hemisphere. At first glance, the mushrooms does not look very attractive, it is even difficult to know the mushrooms, no similarity! Appearance can be deceptive, as this fungus is incredibly valuable for health.

Chaga mushrooms — is an absolutely natural natural product that is almost impossible to grow or produce artificially. Most often, this mushrooms is found on birches, which is why it received the popular name “black mushrooms.” Mushrooms from ancient times is one of the symbols of Russia and grows in almost all its regions.

From ancient times, knowledge of a unique natural miracle product – chaga mushrooms – has passed from generation to generation. Nowadays, the chaga fungus is successful not only among adherents of folk medicine, but is also actively used in many areas of modern medicine – ophthalmology, dentistry, oncology, gastroenterology and many others.

Why don’t we want to see what’s practically under our feet?

All over the world – from China to the USA mushrooms – Chaga, very popular! Moreover, not only as a popular remedy for the prevention and treatment of many ailments, but also as a sports biologically active supplement. And also as a means to increase the overall tone of the body.

It is very surprising that in Asian countries, such as: China, Vietnam, South Korea, mushrooms practically does not grow, and the popularity of chaga beats all conceivable and not conceivable records. Chaga in these mills is consumed inside, externally, and also taken baths. In our country, the percentage of consumption of this product is so low that sometimes you think about our ignorance and the lack of basic knowledge about natural wealth. Chaga is literally a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and other useful substances.


  • increases and stabilizes the immune system;
  • reduces blood sugar;
  • removes toxins from the body;
  • reduces excess weight;
  • helps in psoriasis;
  • used in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • used in the prevention of cancer;
  • reduces tumor growth
  • maintains the overall tone of the body.

Currently, in Western countries there is an increased demand for tea and finished products from it: in pieces, crushed, powdered, extracts (sublimated, or in liquid form), drinks, capsules, etc. Moreover, the quality of these products in some regions is very dubious, since the environmental situation in a number of countries where mushrooms is predominant leaves much to be desired.

We offer a high-quality chaga product made on our own production from environmentally friendly raw materials of the regions of Siberia, Altai and the Urals.
Our extract was made by dispersion and vacuum extraction using an aqueous solvent followed by sublimation. The chromogenic complex of active substances reaches 45-55%.



Quality of delivered goods:

We use only high quality raw materials for manual collection:

  • Chaga is harvested and collected in environmentally friendly forest regions.
  • The raw material is dried in special drying chambers, while maintaining the healing properties of the temperature.
  • The chaga is sorted and crushed to the fraction established by the customer.
  • Finished products have a humidity of no more than 14%.
  • Finished products are packed in environmentally friendly containers.
  • Guaranteed storage modes with optimal performance.

100% natural Chaga:

Manual collection in environmentally friendly regions. The use of the most valuable parts from selected quality samples, and processing on high-tech equipment guarantees the safety and high activity of useful substances.

  1. Supporting the immune system
  2. Soothing properties
  3. Ulcer and gastritis
  4. Normalization of blood pressure and cholesterol

Healing properties of chaga

The healing properties of the mushrooms fungus Chaga are known from ancient times. Nature has endowed this fungus with a large number of elements and minerals necessary for the human body. Chaga treatment is very popular, this natural health storehouse, appearing on trees, is used in all areas of medicine.

Mushrooms fungus Chaga contains substances that restore vision, help improve the work of the kidneys, allow you to cure stomach ulcer, mastopathy, eczema, psoriasis and myoma, in addition, it helps in diseases of the intestines, liver and kidneys, and is also indispensable in the treatment of cancerous tumors.

How to make tea from chaga?

The most popular way to eat chaga is to brew it and drink it as tea.

Tea from chaga

  1. Grind the mushrooms into small pieces, about 10 grams.
  2. Grind one piece into powder with a blender or coffee grinder.
  3. Put one teaspoon of crushed chaga (or two if tightly brewed tea tastes) in a large mug or brewing kettle and pour about 400 ml of hot (but not more than + 75 ° C) water.
  4. Leave to infuse for at least 8 hours to extract the maximum useful substances from the mushrooms.
  5. Add honey, sugar or any syrup to taste. The infusion can also be used as a brew by diluting with hot water (no more than + 75 ° C).

Useful substances in Chaga

Chaga mushrooms contains a large number of acids, such as two triterpenic acids from the group of tetracyclic triterpenes, ionic, lining, oxalic, formic, acetic, oily, vanillin, paraoxybenzoic, etc., as well as free phenols, lignin, inotodiol, polysaccharide (as a result of hydrolysis of which reduced sugars are formed), lanosterol, fiber, ergosterol sterols, pterins, as well as Chaga contain up to 12.3% ash and a large amount of potassium, which affects the positive vital activity of cells in the body. The positive effect of chaga in malignant tumors is due to the presence of pterins in it.

1. Polysaccharides

Chaga contains structural polysaccharides in its walls, they provide replenishment of energy resources, the health of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, and also contribute to the normalization of blood sugar. They also help to improve the mood.

2. Beta-glucan

Beta-glucan is known for its ability to modulate the immune system. Beta-glucan also has a hypocholesterolemic property and normalizes blood glucose levels.

3. Phytosterols

Of all the phytosterols present in the chaga, 45% are lanosterol, and the rest are ergosterol, inotodiol, fecosterol and some others. Testing under natural conditions and in a test tube shows a direct effect of both lanosterol and inotodiol on tumor cells, and lanosterol also affects viral organisms, helping to combat them.

4. Betulin and betulinic acids

Betulin and betulinic acid are powerful therapeutic agents that are currently being investigated for their effects on supporting healthy blood cholesterol levels, and are also being studied for cancer and viruses.

5. Antioxidants

Chaga contains a huge amount of natural black pigment melanin, which is known to have a high level of antioxidant activity due to the polyphenols it contains.

6. ODS (superoxide dismutase)

ODS is another important antioxidant. It belongs to the group of enzymes that play an important role in protecting our body against the destructive effects of free oxidation and free radicals.

Medicine, Chaga vs. Cancer

Cancer is always unpredictable. In all countries, they are trying to fight in different ways. Modern medicine every day opens new medicines and methods of treatment, creating rehabilitation centers and prevention clinics.

But among people there are many supporters of traditional medicine. Many people prefer to trust environmentally friendly and natural products in the fight against diseases. In alternative medicine, there are many tips, prescriptions, and recommendations for treating cancer. Basically, it is a treatment using the healing properties of plants. Today, cancer treatments such as gribotherapy are gaining particular popularity. Many patients recognized the effectiveness of chaga in the fight against cancer. After positive results of treatment with chaga, this method was recently recognized as official.

What diseases are chaga effectively fighting against?

If you do not have serious diseases, the benefit of the fungus will be to prevent various body problems. It will also help improve the general condition. What can a chaga mushrooms cure? The fungus is not only an excellent means of prevention, but also struggles with problems such as:

  • Oncology – leads to regression of such diseases, improves immunity, helps to increase the effectiveness of anti-cancer treatment.
  • Any liver damage, including cirrhosis.
  • Kidney disease (nephritis and pyelonephritis).
  • Chest problems – mastitis.
  • Diseases of the gastric mucosa (gastritis, polyps).
  • Skin problems (dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, burns).
  • It treats oral problems (stomatitis, periodontosis).
  • Fighting insomnia and stress.

Chaga in sports medicine:

The widest range of biological activity of chaga drugs has long attracted the attention of sports medicine, since it immediately solves several of the most pressing problems of modern sports:

  • how to relieve hypoxia when achieving higher results, which are given by already prohibitive loads;
  • how to neutralize the negative effects of severe physical activity and increased metabolism on the liver;
  • how to maintain immune status and resistance to infections.


Chaga extract sublimated powdered

Chromogenic complex of our sublimated chaga extract, within 45-55%.

Our sublimated chaga extract is used:

1. For internal application:

  • as a restorative and anti-inflammatory agent for gastrointestinal tract diseases used in patients with peptic ulcer, gastritis, chronic liver disease, gastrointestinal dyskinesia with atonia; polyposis of the stomach and intestine; kidney disease;
  • as an immunostimulating agent;
  • it is used as a symptomatic agent for treating various oncological diseases, in some cases improves the health of patients with tumors of various etiologies, improves the health of patients, relieves debilitating pain;
  • it is used for mastitis, fibromia;

2. For external application:

  • used in cosmetics to optimize metabolic processes, improve tissue regeneration, circulation and the appearance of all skin types;
  • protects against radiation, prevents photoaging, photodermatosis, drying (dehydration);
  • suspends the aging and degradation of tissues;
  • it is used as an anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antiviral agent, a means of reducing papillomas, against the viral membrane of herpes and mucosal damage; helps against psoriasis, benign neoplasms, red lichen, all types of acne and fungal skin diseases;
  • as a treatment for bruises and bruises;
  • as an agent in the treatment of periodontosis.
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