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    Ground chaga mushroom powder or sublimated extract?

    01 May 2021 г.

    The worldwide popularity of dried chaga mushroom chunks is undeniable! However, the use and consumption of chaga in this form is impractical, inconvenient and, moreover, ineffective! A piece of chaga does not give into the drink when brewing and preparing the infusion, as many useful substances as chaga powder can give, and even more so its sublimated extract!

    Based on this, we decided to conduct a survey among subscribers of social networks and finally find out what is more preferable from the end products of chaga: just ground powder or is it an extract? The results of the survey did not surprise us, 71% of subscribers were in favor of the extract, the rest - 29% - in favor of chaga powder. Everything in our world is known in comparison! And here the chaga extract wins in all positions:

    PURITY of the extract compared to conventional ground powder. During production, the extract passes through several stages of purification, the last stage - through a filter with a cross section of 0.1 mm under vacuum.

    SOLUBILITY of the extract is 100% compared to the powder, which is almost insoluble and settles at the bottom of the cup.

    CONCENTRATION at a dosage for preparing a drink in a tea cup from an extract - only -1/4 - 1/3 teaspoon, from a powder - 3 or more teaspoons.

    BENEFIT when using the extract, based on the above facts, is many times greater than when using the powder.

    Chaga, Chaga extract 01.05.2021 531 viewing

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