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    Export of healthy mushroom to the USA and countries of America

    Since 2016, the company CHAGAFOOD has been carrying out large-scale export deliveries of peeled mushroom fungus chaga to the USA and North American countries. The popularity of Russian chaga in the United States has been actively growing in recent years, American residents have appreciated the healing properties of this unique Russian product.

    The chaga we offer grows and is harvested in the wild and ecologically clean regions of the Urals and Siberia. Only chaga mined and specially grown by us in the “wild” nature of these places is rich in useful microelements. With proper processing (extraction) of the chaga mushroom, it will retain chaga acids and melanin, which are beneficial to the human body.

    We are ready to supply chaga mushroom to the USA on a one-time or long-term basis for its further processing. Delivery volumes and terms are negotiated upon request. The quality and safety of products is confirmed by the relevant International Certificates.

    When ordering chaga from us with delivery to America, you can be sure of the high quality of the supplied goods and the reliability of the supplier.

    Export of mushroom fungus chaga to the USA and countries of America
    with a full package of documents for export

    Lease agreement for a forest plot for harvesting food resources and collecting medicinal plants

    Forestry development project

    Ministry of Industry and Trade License

    Conclusion of Rosprirodnadzor

    Cooperation rules

    1. Leave a request through the basket on the site, rznvy or call

    2. Use the manager's consultation, agree on all the details of the purchase

    3. Pay for your order in a convenient way: cash, bank transfer, cash on delivery

    4. Receive goods by mail, shipping company, courier, rail or sea

    Chaga mushroom export delivery options to the USA

    By car

    By rail

    By sea transport

    Air transport

    Our Certificates and Attestations

    Biosafety Compliance Certificate
    Certificate of conformity
    Trademark certificate
    EAC Declaration of Conformity
    Lab Test Results #1
    Lab Test Results #2
    Lab Test Results #3
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    For wholesale supplies of chaga mushrooms to your country send us your request