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    Chaga mushroom extract - what is it?

    01 January 2018 г.

    Before starting the production of freeze-dried chaga mushroom extract, the CHAGAFOOD team studied for a long time, the entire technological process of production, based on physical and chemical principles, during which the transformation of chaga into instant black crystals occurs. Only a few months have passed since the start of production, and we have already been able to bring the final product to perfect quality with a chromogenic complex content of at least 45%, we have achieved 100% solubility without precipitation. Previously, this quality of the extract was at a content of active substances of at least 52.8%.

    We will not dive into the intricacies of the production process, we are sure that this is of little interest to the buyer, but to tell what the sublimated chaga mushroom extract is like is the purpose of this article.

    From sources - Extract, or extract (lat. Extractum) - a concentrated extract from medicinal plant materials or raw materials of animal origin, which is a mobile, viscous liquid or dry mass. The second meaning of the word - extract, specifically describes the very essence of the extract, that is, in our case, the concentrated extraction of the dry mass from the chaga fungus, by extraction followed by sublimation. That is, the production of an extract is a complex technological process, and not ground chaga, as ignorant consumers believe! Accordingly, the price of such an “extract” is much lower, since it is simply a ground and dry mushroom without any processing. But unscrupulous manufacturers went further - in order to give such an “extract” a more or less similar look to a real extract, they use the upper part of the chaga in grinding, which has a dense structure and black color, and when grinding, although small, it has a resemblance to powdered chaga extract. However, this is just chaga powder, which practically does not dissolve in water, is not an extract, is not sufficiently purified from foreign inclusions, with a small and variable level of active substances in the dosage, is inconvenient to use due to prolonged infusion, etc. Moreover, these same "unfortunate producers" indicate on their packages that this is Chaga extract and sell "THIS" at the price of a REAL EXTRACT!

    Unfortunately, in business, not everyone is clean on hand, but it is always very bad when ordinary, unsuspecting buyers suffer from this. The purpose of this article is not for commercial gain or promotion! We, the CHAGAFOOD team, have tried to explain what real freeze-dried chaga mushroom extract actually is.

    Thanks to everyone who follows us!


    Chaga, Chaga extract 01.04.2018 447 views

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